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Type K-3 Phase Sequence Indicator



The Phase Sequence Indicator is used to determine the phase sequence (A-B-C or C-B-A) of three-phase voltages. (A-B-C is clockwise rotationIt is important that phase sequence is known prior to energizing electrical motors and other equipment, as incorrect connection could cause damage to the equipment.

The K-3 Phase Sequence Indicator is of the rotating-disk design; there are no lights to burn out. All internal connections are soldered and there are no exposed metal parts on the housing.

Its three leads are color-coded (red (A), white (B), and blue (C)) for easy connection (other colors are available upon request). The leads are 36 inches in length (other lengths available upon request). 

The K-3 is designed for operation from 25 to 60 Hertz and from 60 to 600 Volts. Other models (including a panel-mount version and a 400 Hz. version) are available.  A description of K-3 variations can be found by clicking here.

A rugged, nylon carrying case (see photo) is available as an option.

Click here to download K-3 Instructions in PDF.  For a Descriptive Brochure, in PDF, click here.

For information on the K-3 PANEL MOUNT, in PDF, click here.



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