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Instruments for Electricians

The Knopp Type K-60 Voltage Tester and Type K-3 Phase Sequence Indicator are rugged instruments used by professional electricians and maintenance personnel to detect various electrical characteristics. Both of these products have been in production for over forty years.

Need to Check Phase Sequence
Before Reconnecting That Motor?

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K-3 Phase Sequence Indicator.

Need a High Quality Voltage Tester for Checking
if Rapid Transit Third Rails Are Energized?

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Type 4E2-1 Voltage Tester.

K-60 Voltage Tester

Type K-60 Voltage Tester (CAT III)

The K-60 Voltage Tester is a simple, yet vital, device which should be found in every electrician's tool belt. It is used to detect the presence, or absence, of voltage prior to working on a circuit.

The K-60 has many features which set it apart from the competition. These include:

  • Dual voltage indication (neon lamp and indicating arm)
  • Compact design (easily fits in most any tool belt)
  • Unsurpassed ruggedness
  • Stainless steel prod tips
  • Works without a battery
  • Low input impedance (approx. 4000 ohms) to help identify circuits with loose or marginal connections
  • All internal connections are soldered (no crimping)
  • Prod-mount case for easy operation in difficult situations
  • Two year warranty
  • Made in the USA by Union laborers

The K-60 features a solenoid-driven indicating arm and neon lamp. Both of these are used to indicate the presence of voltage from 120 to 600 Volts (AC and DC). The arm provides a visual indication of the voltage level. The neon indicator provides redundancy and allows the user to determine if the indicated voltage is AC or DC. Finally, the solenoid provides a vibration which is a further indication of the presence of voltage.

K-60 shown with carrying caseMany less expensive imitations of the K-60 have been produced over the years, but the K-60 remains unsurpassed in quality and reliability. Isn't that what is most important in a Tester? To see a comparison of the K-60 to other Testers click here.

A rugged, CORDURA carrying case (see photo) is available.


For a brochure in PDF, click here.

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